Now enrolling for our April 29th cohort!

Web Development Program

Program Schedule

CohortStatusClasses StartExpected GraduationFormatDaily Schedule
Cohort 22NJuly 19, 2021February 17th, 2022Night ShiftMon, Wed — 6:30–9 p.m.
Cohort 23October 26, 2021June 30th, 2022Night ShiftTue, Thu — 6:30–9 p.m.
Cohort 24Now EnrollingMarch 21, 2022November 16th, 2022Night ShiftMon, Wed — 6:30–9 p.m.
Cohort 25Now EnrollingJuly 11, 2022March 15th, 2023Night ShiftTue, Thu — 6:30–9 p.m.

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