4 Benefits of Attending Suncoast Developers Guild Demo Day

October 1st, 2019

Lauren Mabra

Marketing Coordinator @ Suncoast Developers Guild

Looking to hire talented developers? Demo Day is the ideal event for you, but the benefits don't stop there. All are welcome and there is something for not just recruiters but local individuals and prospective students, too. Here's the ROI of attending a Suncoast Developers Guild Demo Day...

1. Be the First to Connect with New Local Talent

With the demand of talented developers exceeding the amount that are actually available within the local workforce, it doesn't take long for our graduates to begin receiving offers from local companies wanting to expand their tech team. In fact, three of our graduates from the last cohort (Cohort XIII) were hired from connecting with employers at Demo Day.

Think of Demo Day as your exclusive "sneek peak" at the community's latest talent. As an employer or recruiter, you're getting the first chance to connect with them and see what they can do. If you find a developer who you think might be a good fit, that's one step toward adding more talent to your team and furthering your company's growth.

2. Network and Form Connections

A major part of every Demo Day is not just getting to know our graduates, but also about getting to know others in the local area. It's amazing to see all of the growth happening so quickly right here in the St. Pete/Tampa Bay area. Much of this comes from partnerships and connections and its multiplied benefits for both sides of the deal which extends into the community as well. For example, this St. Pete Catalyst's article talks about the local collaboration happening among a number of businesses to help fill the need for developers as well as make career shifting less of a daunting journey for individuals.

It's likely that you won't just leave Demo Day with new contacts. You'll most likely leave with new ideas, too. Getting a look into what our students can do and learn within just three months can be inspiring. You might feel yourself in a totally different mindset and filled to the brim with ideas for furthering our tech community or maybe for a new website idea you want to pursue. Demo Day could be the catalyst you need to take the leap toward something huge!


3. Be a Part of Our Booming Tech Industry

Look around. In the Tampa and St. Petersburg area, we're constantly seeing new buildings, developments, art galleries, shops, and small businesses. With the growth of the overall city comes the growth of the tech scene. Tampa Bay is proving to be a healthy investment and Florida's largest and fastest developing tech hubs with over 150 tech startups. The rise of tech is reshaping our community and inspiring growth in all areas. Do you want to take part in it? Demo Day would be a first great step to get involved, keep up with local happenings, and connecting with others in the area who are making huge waves.

4. Get More Familiar with Our Program

Whether you're wanting to get involved with the SDG community as a supporter or you're a prospective student, coming on campus and getting a better feel for our program, space, and team will help you when it comes to making a decision whether you want to be a part of SDG.

In case you've never gotten the chance to tour our campus, Demo Day is the perfect time to do so. Our campus is located in the heart of St. Petersburg's Grand Central District and features multiple levels of classrooms, offices, a lounge, full kitchen, and plenty of co-working space. It's also a plus to be walking distance from amazing shops, breweries, and cafes which you can take advantage of throughout your time coding with us.

If you're thinking about partnering with us or attending one of our classes, why not take advantage of the day where tons of our Alumni will be on campus? This allows you the chance to speak with someone who has been where you are. They can give direct insight into what the program is really like, what life looks like after graduation, and details on working as a developer. Our graduates are extremely passionate about what they do and are always happy to answer questions from current and prospective students, so don't be shy.

Mark your calendars for Demo Day on October 18th at 2 PM. We'll see you there!

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