A Day in the Life of Coding Bootcamp

March 4th, 2019

Chris Packett


7:00am: Wake up and start morning routine

7:45am: Check/answer emails

8:15am: Out the door, on the way to Suncoast Developer’s Guild (Thanks, Gus)

8:30am: Once I get to SDG, I head straight to the kitchen to make my first pour over coffee for the day.

9:00am: This is when the bootcamp begins. We start with a technique in agile methodology called, “stand-ups”. If you’re not familiar with agile methodology and you’re looking to get into the technology space, I would highly recommend doing a quick google. If you don’t care so much, it’s basically an approach to increase productivity and communication, primarily in software development teams. During these meetings, we discuss, one by one, what we have been struggling with, what we feel like we have accomplished in the past day, and what we are looking forward to learning.

9:15am: After stand-ups, our instructor will “blast out” our morning warm-up. We usually work on a coding challenge on the website codewars.com. These challenges are meant to prepare us for the intense thinking we will be doing the rest of the day. If I had to say one awesome thing about Code Wars, it would be that after you finish a coding exercise, you’re able to see the solutions from anyone else in the world who has finished that problem. In software development, there are so many ways that you can solve a problem, and it’s always best practice to not only solve the problem, but also to solve it in the most readable, and efficient way as possible. ave not finished the assignment, our instructor still wants us to turn in what we have at midnight to make sure that we get a good night’s sleep before starting it all over again the next morning.

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