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February 27th, 2019

Lauren Mabra

Marketing Coordinator @ Suncoast Developers Guild

Dropping everything you’re doing and diving into code school can produce amazing results but the reality of it is that some people aren’t able to make a full-time commitment for 12 weeks. We understand that each person has unique obligations whether it’s a job, children, or family. With our new part-time courses launching on March 11th, even the busiest people can brush up on their skills while having in-person access to proven instructors.

We are offering four different part-time classes: Web Development Test Drive, User Experience for Non-designers, Digital Marketing, and React I: Building Interactive Websites. Get the full details, course overview, and start dates here. The part-time instructors for each course all possess such unique skill sets and background stories.


Liz Tiller: Web Development Test Drive and React I: Building Interactive Websites

Liz, our “developer avocado”, is a Javascript Developer who also has a passion for academics. After the shutdown of TIY, Liz helped rebrand the kid’s classes as SDG Jr. No matter what happened, she wanted to make sure the kids weren’t being pushed aside and still had the opportunity to continue learning. Liz is also passionate about supporting and empowering women in technology.

Liz claims that attending code school was one of the best things she did for her career: “I sing the praises of Jason and the rest of the SDG staff all the time.” She believes she was very fortunate to be able to spend the time and money to go through an immersive course and is aware that many people aren’t able to do the same. She is excited that we are now able to provide opportunities for those who are unable to commit to the full-time program or are unsure about immersing themselves into the program without previous experience. She hopes that those in the Test Drive course will see their potential in web development. For those in the React class, she hopes that it provides an opportunity to grow each student's skill set.

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Sarrah Vesselov: User Experience for Non-Designers

As a speaker, teacher, mentor, author, and UX expert, Sarrah is the perfect fit for this course. She has over 10 years of experience in design, development, and management. Sarrah's career path led her to be the UX Manager at GitLab where she successfully set the direction and vision of the user experience during her time there. Additionally, Sarrah has experience teaching college-level design and development. She has also spoken at conferences worldwide regarding user experience and front-end development.

One of the most significant problems she sees in tech is the existence of 'silos'. Engineering, Product, and UX end up in their own verticals with little interaction between each other causing miscommunication and frustration for everyone. Her goal with this course is to introduce non-designers to UX methodology and start breaking down those silos. Having a better understanding of what goes into crafting a good user experience will encourage communication and collaboration. And...hopefully, it will inspire some to go even deeper into UX.

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Kiki Roeder: Digital Marketing

As co-founder of the Startup Sisters USA, Kiki has a passion for helping entrepreneurs and helping businesses reach their maximum potential. She contributes to both Fortune 500s and startup companies across four different continents. Kiki specializes in educational technology, computer-human interaction, product development, audience engagement, and strategic storytelling.

Kiki believes in delivering hands-on teaching, packed with projects that can be applied to real-world scenarios, brands, and clients. From her Digital Marketing course, students will discover how to transform their businesses and brands through the power of digital strategy. Over six jam-packed weeks, they will not only learn the tools to succeed but execute real-world projects that they can immediately apply to their own needs. They will also learn how to:

  • leverage paid, organic, search-engine, and content marketing to reach and engage audiences;
  • build landing pages that turn interested prospects into customers;
  • convert and engage audiences and users through email marketing;
  • master social media techniques to turn followers into loyal fans;
  • measure their marketing success through analytics, key performance indicators (KP!s), and more; and
  • develop marketing plans and budgets to win over both clients and bosses.

Kiki loves seeing students transform their understanding, and, more importantly, apply those skills to marketing campaigns that are meaningful to them. Her ultimate goal in teaching at Suncoast Developers Guild is that every student is empowered with an arsenal of digital marketing tools. When students are finished with the course, they will apply their knowledge to their career, business, or brand. – What’s more rewarding than that? In order to attract and retain great talent, we need to empower the Tampa Bay community with resources to level-up their learning and apply those skills to the local economy. These part-time classes do that. They are a great way for adults to boost their skill set and offer their newfound expertise to opportunities across the region.

Don't let life get in your way. Skill up with our part-time courses that fit your schedule.

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