Applying to Web Developer Jobs: Your Tech Career Success Checklist to Get Hired

February 3rd, 2020

Lauren Mabra

Marketing Coordinator @ Suncoast Developers Guild

With our latest developers just graduating and now ready for hire, we thought this would be the perfect time to go over how to apply for web development jobs. Keep reading for a full tech career checklist:

Step 1: Preparing to Apply for Jobs

Optimize LinkedIn

Make sure you have:

  • Professional Headshot
  • Headline
  • Description with industry keywords.
  • Experience
  • Education
  • Volunteer Experience (optional)
  • Skills & Endorsements Accomplishments
  • Recommendations: from coworkers, supervisors, or classmates
  • Interests
  • Personalized URL

Refresh Resume

Be sure to include:

  • Phone
  • Email
  • LinkedIn
  • GitHub
  • Portfolio
  • Skills
  • Experience
  • Education

We recommend getting it reviewed by two people.

Step 2: Apply to Jobs

  • Stay active! Push to Github 3-5 days a week.
  • Use Google Docs to allow trusted people to proofread and make edits
  • Track each company as an individual card on Trello
  • Apply to 5-10 jobs per week

Write your Cover Letter

  • Research each company and find their narrative: This means discovering what the company stands for that's beyond its products and services. The narrative is the company's mission and how they're making the world a better place.
  • Update resume to highlight what you need for the position (if applicable)
  • Include company narrative and how your own values align with that
  • Speak to why you would be an asset to them and to the position
  • Include a link to your portfolio
  • Close with what you hope the next step might be
  • Get your resume reviewed by two people

Use Trello Boards in the Job Application Process

If you're new to Trello, it's a platform that gives a visual overview of what needs to be done, what's in the process of being worked on, and what has been completed. Create as many lists as you want, track ideas, progress, and information to stay organized during your job search.

Ask yourself: What's your dream job? Add a card for this dream job onto your board!

Here's what to include on each card:

  • Company & job title
  • Description
  • Company website link
  • Location
  • Job link
  • Attach wording or Google Doc link for cover letter
  • Attach wording/Google Doc link for resume
  • Comment with method of application
  • Comment your contact and how to reach them

Step 3: Follow Up After Applying or Interviewing

First Interview

Gather info on next steps:

  • Find out the email and contact for where to follow up and stay in touch
  • If you have a supervisor, teacher, or coworker who can write a recommendation, it may be helpful to have them write and send one

within the next week or so.

Following Up One Month Post Interview

  • Email to check in and see if position is still open
  • Talk about why you would be a great fit for the company/position
  • Refer back to something you learned or were impressed by at the interview
  • Here's what you can do if you get denied:
  • Send a follow-up email asking if they would be willing to provide feedback
  • Relate back to something that you learned during the interview

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