Brand Identity

Guidelines for using the Suncoast Developers Guild Brand

Note: This document is a work in progress.



Our primary typeface is Source Sans Pro. A part of Adobe's open source typeface family, it is inspired by twentieth-century American gothic type design. Source Sans Pro should be used for all body copy with various weights and case (including small caps) to indicate hierarchy.

How does a mum tiger study?

The dread wartime paces past the mainstream guy.

An engine orbits!

Our secondary typeface, reserved almost exclusively for titles, is Source Serif Pro. Set titles in bold (700 weight) using title case or sentence case, but never all caps or small caps.

A Protein Mutters

Can a wolf storm under another fifteen view?

Our Logos and their Usage

The Banner logo is our brand's primary symbol. It is the default option in almost every use-case. The monochromatic variant of this logo can also be used in print.

The Bouy logo is an embellishment of our primary Banner logo and is used only in situations where it will render clearly (i.e., legibly sized text in the banner) and in full color, usually in addition to the Banner (e.g., in a footer, or on back of a card).

The Button logo is used exclusively where small, square, or round sizes are required (e.g., avatars, profile images for company accounts on social media, etc.).

The Badge logo is a decorative figure based on our corporate seal. It's primarily used a watermark to add visual interest to a design, or on the back/bottom of a card or letter.

The Junior logo is used to promote SDG Jr..


Our illustration style is intended to resemble hand-cut paper.


The official style manual for all Suncoast Developers Guild communications is The Associated Press Stylebook. Use tools like spell checking, Grammarly, and Hemingway Editor to ensure writing is clear, concise, and correct.

Look for opportunities to convey inclusiveness and empathy.

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