A Testimonial from Proforma

As the Tampa Bay technology community continues to expand and become a center for innovation and software development, the current workforce is not keeping pace with the required technical skills and the available resources are inadequate to support the demand. When Proforma looked to rapidly expand our Technology team, we decided to partner with Suncoast Developers Guild to create an integrated approach to talent acquisition and skills development essential for entry-level employment.

The result was an innovative workforce preparedness program that provided Proforma with an influx of well-trained talent and provided motivated candidates with a valuable educational program that guaranteed full time employment upon successful course completion.

The Proforma / SDG partnership selected passionate junior level candidates and created an intensive training curriculum. This customized curriculum would fine tune technology concepts and focus on the skillsets necessary to be successful at Proforma.

SDG’s core curriculum of modern web development as well as full-stack applications was a perfect fit for Proforma. SDG’s approach to education is grounded in a solid base of research and best practices. Their performance-based learning curriculum guides students through an intense 12 week process that demands the mastery of concepts in a fast paced environment. The curriculum culminates with a final capstone project that will actually be implemented in Proforma’s technology.

Central to the success of this program was the true partnership that developed between Proforma and SDG. Frequent interaction between the Proforma technology team, the SDG instructors and the candidates created an exceptional learning environment.

The partnership allowed for incoming candidates to receive detailed exposure to Proforma’s technology stack and receive real world experience that is hard to create in a classroom environment. This program was extremely successful for SDG, Proforma, the candidates and the Tampa Bay technology community at large. Proforma would highly recommend the SDG program to anyone looking to further their career in the technology field. We also look forward to partnering with SDG on many more projects in the future.


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