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August, 1st 2020

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Abtahee Ali

Hip-Hop Dancer, Dog Lover, & Professional Ice Cream Taster

Abtahee is a developer who is enthusiastic about expanding his present skill set while still making an indelible impact. He is a community-minded individual that aims to assure that every person feels welcomed and included.

Abtahee's capstone project was a team project with Cody Banks. Evolution X is an application that utilizes a third-party Xbox API to access a user's Xbox Live Accounts Information. The user can create an account, update their credentials, or delete their account. The application will show the user's gamer card, friends, messages, recent achievements, and Xbox One games owned by the user. Evolution X will let the user know which game they played recently, what day they earned achievement, and the date when a message was received.

You may be wondering how this idea came about. Streetlight, a pediatric organization that specializes in giving support to terminally ill patients, contacted Abtahee looking to create a project that would track a patient's usage of Streetlight's Xbox One Consoles. With this information, they would be able to conduct further research to show how impactful playing games in a hospital are for a patient during their stay, which could lead to funding for the program.

Capstone Project

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