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Cohort 19 Demo Day

November, 14th 2020

All Graduates

Byron McDaniel

Developer, Driven, Habitual Snacker

Byron is a self-driven developer who is continuously evolving his well-rounded skill set. His experience in the Military and Fire Department developed his attention to detail. As a long-time entrepreneur, Byron is a self-starter. These skills, along with newly minted development skills, will make Byron an asset to any team. His perpetual thirst for knowledge coupled with a resilient work ethic is what makes Byron an ideal prospect for any company.

Byron's capstone project, B Out Bailbonds, was created to solve specific bail bonds industry issues. A lot of clients miss their court date because they forget. My Web app will offer the bondman and their clients a few options. A bondsman can update a client's court dates, and the clients can see it in real-time. A client can create their court date, and as a bonus, a client can check-in via the app, which records the client location.

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