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March, 26th 2021

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Jerid Fenderson

Jerid Fenderson: Web, Systems, and Life Developer

Jerid is an Air Force Vet and a newly minted developer that loves coming up with systems, methods and procedures that will effectively eliminate, automate, and delegate problems that range from the intricate, to routine, to exasperate. Jerid believes in the power of effective teamwork, as well as having the ability to figure it out on ones own. He recognizes strengths not only within himself, but within others and does his best to highlight and uplift the team as well as individuals within that team, including himself.

Jerid's project: Cheap And Easy Auto is a car sales database that allows you to keep track of inventory, add new cars, sell cars, and update vehicle information as well as keeping track of customers and their information as well.

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