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Our Recent Graduates

After their 12-week journey to becoming Full-Stack Developers, our students have grown their technical skills. These students have gone from little to no experience to learning HTML/CSS, JavaScript, React and then diving into a back-end technology stack to round out their full-stack understanding.

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All of our graduates are ready for their first jobs as junior developers. If you think someone would be a great fit for your team, please feel free to reach out to them directly. If you want more information about how our career support program works or direct recommendations for your needs, please contact us at

Corinne Carew

Developer, Learner, and Adventurer

Corinne was a 6th-grade science teacher with a hunger for learning. As a teacher, she became inspired by her involvement in the "girls who code" club where she helped introduce basic coding skills. After helping instruct the coding for girls club she realized the world of coding was vast and she was ready to learn! Corinne is very flexible and is ready to take on any task you throw at her. She prides herself on being a lifelong learner and is confident that web development is the right path for her to be able to continuously be learning in this ever-changing world of coding.

Abraham Eveland

Developer and rollerblade enthusiast

Abe is an aspiring developer looking forward to his journey in the software field as he transitions from being an H-VAC technician to tech. He is confident that with hard work and determination, he can take on any challenge.

Abe's capstone project, Buyers Guide, is a rollerblading buyers guide. It is a website that informs people to help buy rollerblades that suits them. You can create an account to view personally suggested skates as well as add your own skates that others may be matched to. You can shop for suggested or any skates. There is a user's connection area where you can view other skaters and their highlights.

David Rygwelski

Developer, Engineer, Administrator

David is a new C# .NET Developer. He has strong analytical skills including experience in working in teams and resolving problems through a critical thinking process. David came to SDG with experience as a Senior Unix and Linux Systems Administrator, including system and security administration with a strong background in administering large server environments consisting of application, database, and web servers.

David's capstone project, Vehicle World, is a website that displays various vehicles used by humans. By clicking an image, more detail is presented. A user can view, add, edit, or delete vehicles from the website.

Robert Mack

Developer, Gamer and Music Nerd.

Rob is an aspiring web developer located in the greater Tampa area. He's fueled by a passion for being creative, continue learning in the programming field, provide for his family, and be a part of something that will benefit and positively impact people. He believes that work ethic and a capacity to learn is more valuable than talent.

Rob's capstone project, What's for Dinner, is a full-stack application for users to select what to makes for dinner based on protein and nationality choice. Using C#, SQL, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

Trent Costa

Developer, Problem Solver, Eager to Learn

Trent is a new developer, fresh out of Suncoast Developer's Guild, with experience in full-stack web development. Trent believes in a pragmatic approach to development focused on easy to use user interfaces and intuitive setups. He is always eager to take on a new challenge and never afraid to ask for help when needed.

Trent's capstone project, Tailgate, is a full-stack web application that allows users to post upcoming tailgate parties. Users can search for those parties in various ways, including by sport, date, keywords, and distance from a specified location.

Cody Banks

Problem Solver, Leader, and Developer

Cody has a strong ambition to build a well-rounded and high-quality product as a Developer. He was the Director of Operations at his local Chick-Fil-A and learned crucial management and leadership skills in this role. Born and raised in Florida, he loves the Tampa Bay Area. Cody will graduate from the University of South Florida in December with a degree in Management Information Systems.

Cody's capstone project was a team project with Abtahee Ali. Evolution X is an application that utilizes a third-party Xbox API to access a user's Xbox Live Accounts Information. The user can create an account, update their credentials, or delete their account. The application will show the user's gamer card, friends, messages, recent achievements, and Xbox One games owned by the user. Evolution X will let the user know which game they played recently, what day they earned achievement, and the date when a message was received.

Abtahee Ali

Hip-Hop Dancer, Dog Lover, & Professional Ice Cream Taster

Abtahee is a developer who is enthusiastic about expanding his present skill set while still making an indelible impact. He is a community-minded individual that aims to assure that every person feels welcomed and included.

Abtahee's capstone project was a team project with Cody Banks. Evolution X is an application that utilizes a third-party Xbox API to access a user's Xbox Live Accounts Information. The user can create an account, update their credentials, or delete their account. The application will show the user's gamer card, friends, messages, recent achievements, and Xbox One games owned by the user. Evolution X will let the user know which game they played recently, what day they earned achievement, and the date when a message was received.

You may be wondering how this idea came about. Streetlight, a pediatric organization that specializes in giving support to terminally ill patients, contacted Abtahee looking to create a project that would track a patient's usage of Streetlight's Xbox One Consoles. With this information, they would be able to conduct further research to show how impactful playing games in a hospital are for a patient during their stay, which could lead to funding for the program.

Kento Kawakami

Analog photographer, darkroom resident, nature fanatic, enthusiast of the color yellow, gummy aficionado, ramen critic, and a really bad figure skater

Coming from an artistic background, whether it's a darkroom print, the best Pappardelle con Funghi in the world, cosplay, and now full-stack applications, Kento has always loved creating things. As a former graphic design student at USF, Kento built on his knowledge of design by adding code to his arsenal of experiences. When he is not coding, you'll often find him dancing with his dog, Kodak in the living room, developing photographs in his darkroom, going out on clueless adventures around the country with his camera, or practicing his backward crossovers at an ice rink.

Kento's capstone project, Smash Combos, takes learning to play a new character in Super Smash Bros Ultimate (a fighting game for the Nintendo Switch) to a whole new level. Players can upload character combos, which are visually represented through controller buttons and video segments, on loop to share with others in the community.

M Carla Joseph

Developer, learner and explorer

Carla is an upcoming full-stack web developer with leadership experience. She is looking to express her creativity through web development with her Javascript, React, HTML, CSS, and C# skills. Her previous managerial positions equipped her with excellent communication and organization skills.

Carla's capstone project, Varsity Stats, is an app to track high school basketball players' statistics. Users will be able to see the top five players in points, rebounds, steals, and assists on the homepage. The top 20 leading players are displayed when a category is selected. Coaches can create an account which they will use to login and add or delete their players. This app uses ReactJS, CSS, HTML on the frontend and C#, SQL, and API on the backend.

Robert Kilduff

Aspiring Junior Developer

Rob is an aspiring junior developer, who strives to create versatile and user friendly apps. He believes in the adage of learning something new everyday.

Michael Keough


Mike moved to St. Pete 2 years ago from Delaware. He has a bachelor's degree in Business Management from Wilmington University. He looking to take his knowledge of full-stack web development and build on it in a Junior Developer position. He has a strong background in customer service and works great within a team. he has succeeded in leading teams to achieve goals in previous leadership roles and thrives in fast-paced environments.

Chesireé Balogh

Inspiring Web Developer, Creative Artist, and Lifelong Learner

Chez is an artistic individual with a passion to create fun and impactful web applications. Chez believes learning never ends and embraces challenges with a open mind. She loves working in a dynamic work environment and building a strong team.

Nathanael Swander

Curious Intellect and Free Thinker

Nathan is well rounded and always searching for knowledge. He gravitates towards challenges and enjoys working together to learn with others. His passion is easily apparent. Nathan wants to bridge the gap between technological advancements and the user.

Georg Oehl

Programmer, Strobist, and Kite-flyer

Georg is a seasoned software developer who is passionate about creating usable, useful, and functional computer applications that help people solve problems more efficiently.

Adam Jones

Junior Developer and College Student

Adam is a young adult who is eager to learn and please. He believes it is important to to challenge yourself when possible.

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