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After their 12-week journey to becoming Full-Stack Developers, our students have grown their technical skills. These students have gone from little to no experience to learning HTML/CSS, JavaScript, React and then diving into a back-end technology stack to round out their full-stack understanding.

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Mary Toth

Mary Toth: Developer, Musician, Vegetable Lover, and Nature Fanatic

Before coming to SDG, Mary was feeling very lost and stagnant in her career. She attended USF for psychology, worked in the field for a couple of years, and ended up at a secretarial job which was not mentally stimulating enough for her liking. She was really craving a change as well as a career in which she got to learn new things and feel inspired.

Mary has a passion for front-end development and is eager to join a team where she can improve upon her skills and be challenged. She really values learning from others and the opportunity to ask questions. Mary has an artistic eye and has thoroughly enjoyed designing aesthetically pleasing apps that are easy to use.

As a lover of fresh, local produce, I wanted to create the app Farm Finder that would help people support local farms in their area. Users can view a list of farms, filter by city and type of farm, and add farms to the database.

Bianca Brown

Bianca is a developer from downtown St. Petersburg. She is enthusiastic, easily inspired, and passionate about doing things that matter: creating web applications that make people's lives easier.

Bianca's capstone, Lego Log, is an app for that helps you keep track of all the Lego sets you have built, and all the Lego sets you want to build next. You can add to the “Build List” and “Wish List” by entering the Lego name, theme, piece count, price, photo, etc. You can also add comments and a rating to the sets you have built to help you remember what you liked or disliked about that particular Lego set.

Megan Lukes

Megan Lukes: Programmer, Explorer, and Bamboo Master

Megan is a fresh and eager developer that loves Back-End development. She loves finding clever solutions to create a functional and maximally operable program. Megan believes in teamwork and to view obtacles as an opportunity for growth.

BambooFinder allows a user to create a bamboo species profile, create a nursery profile, populate the nursery's inventory list with bamboo species, list which nurseries carry a given species, directly link between the individual nursery and the individual species, view a list of nurseries, and filter a list of species by their growth habit, hardiness zone, and light requirements.

Nathan Pham

Nathan Pham: Developer, Learner, Creative

I attended USF going for an accounting degree. I was working a lot and playing a lot of tennis. Wasn't doing anything that would further build my creativity or my productivity.

Nathan is a developer with experience in full stack web development. He enjoys learning new skills and techniques to improve the quality of his work. He believes in the problem solving process and collaborating when facing new challenges.

Zip Tennis is about connecting tennis players in search for a quick match. Using a general zip code search for players, view their rating, home court preference, and schedule a match. Users can make an account and view their past matches and scores.

Danny Le

Danny Le: Developer, Anime Aficionadon, Admirer of Happiness

Danny is a developer who wakes up every morning and can't make up his mind about whether he enjoys the Front- End or the Back-end more. One thing Danny is sure about is that he hope to bring about a touch of diversity and perspective into the personal and collaborative work he partakes in.

St Pete Rising is a full-stack application that interactively display a robust source of information on future, current, and past urban development locations that St. Pete Rising has reported on.

Brady Grapentine

Brady Grapentine: Developer, Lifelong Learner, Lover of Free Food

Brady's experiences in higher education and management have provided him with the interpersonal skills needed to tackle complex, layered problems and deliver comprehensive solutions, as an individual and in a team setting. Brady is a new developer with a passion for software of all kinds. He enjoys learning about popular and emerging technologies, frameworks, and algorithmic approaches.

To preface, I do a lot of research online, and I don't always buy the most amazing machines. I wanted to build an application that would let me search for whatever I wanted at whatever website I wanted. I also didn't want to open all the tabs and execute the same search query for every website personally. So, I built Query Dash that overcomes all those problems - without having to close all of the other applications running on my subpar computer.

Justin Marin

Sailor, Cat-dad, Aspiring JavaScript Master

After a six-year stint in the Navy, Justin worked as a higher-ed administrator where he was exposed to SQL. Not fully satisfied with the slower pace of a part-time Java certification program at St Pete College, Justin decided to go back to boot-camp, but this time for full stack web development at Suncoast Developers Guild. Justin loves to work in supportive roles and thrives under task-oriented leadership. He is extremely resourceful and analytic, and loves the way full stack development enables an outlet for his creative and problem-solving skills.

Justin's Capstone project, Cerca Cup, is a CRUD application with MapBox geo-points that helps him find the closest cup of coffee; be it from a cafe, gas station, or fast food restaurant.

Vicki Tiller

Vicki Tiller: Developer and Leonardo da Vinci Enthusiast

Vicki is a new developer back from five years teaching in rural Japan. She love trying new things and has a passion for sharing knowledge. Her experiences moving around and changing career paths have made her adaptable to different situations.

Vicki's capstone project, Gay Old Time is an interactive database that allows people to learn and share information on LGBT+ historical figures. It was inspired by a newsletter she worked on for Stonewall Tohoku, a Japanese LGBT+ organization.

Tyler Dietrich

Tyler Dietrich: Developer, Golfer, and Star Wars Enthusiast

Tyler is a former D-1 athlete who took a head dive into the IT world and is now loving every second of it. Tyler is a recent Web Developing graduate who loves Front-End Development. He likes to create visually appealing apps and websites. Tyler believes that if you put your best foot forward and believing in yourself, nothing can stop you.

Tyler's project Fairway Finder is built to find golf courses where the users are. It provides an interactive map with golf course locations and information for the user to explore further.

M Carla Joseph

Developer, learner and explorer

Carla is an upcoming full-stack web developer with leadership experience. She is looking to express her creativity through web development with her Javascript, React, HTML, CSS, and C# skills. Her previous managerial positions equipped her with excellent communication and organization skills.

Carla's capstone project, Varsity Stats, is an app to track high school basketball players' statistics. Users will be able to see the top five players in points, rebounds, steals, and assists on the homepage. The top 20 leading players are displayed when a category is selected. Coaches can create an account which they will use to login and add or delete their players. This app uses ReactJS, CSS, HTML on the frontend and C#, SQL, and API on the backend.

Mike Morris

Developer, Veteran, Disc Golfer, Tinkerer and Cigar Lover.

Mike is curious new developer that is amazed at how vast and deep the world of developing is. Mike would like to get on board projects where he can learn more and more. Mike believes that he would be his best in an environment that is trying to make a difference in this world.

Mike's capstone project Humidor is a humidor inventory control app. I paired with Corey Hall on this project and together we created a full stack application that could create, read, update, and delete the contents of a digital humidor.

Amanda Fox

Amanda Fox: Lover of crafts both digital and material, problem solver, and proud cat mom.

Amanda is an up and coming developer that has love for both front-end and back-end development. She prefers a more minimalist approach to design that makes user navigation easy. Amanda loves collaborating and brainstorming with others to lead to a creative product. She enjoys finding a creative and realistic solution to problems.

Amanda's captone project Feed Me is an app that is intended to help people with dietary restrictions find restaurants in the Tampa area.

Mandy Wade

Mandy Wade: Programmer, Detail-Oriented and Disney Lover

Mandy is a newly minted programmer who loves Back-End programming. She has experience in both C# and JavaScript, and is always eager to learn more languages. Mandy's past job experiences have made her very detail-oriented and hard-working, when needed jumping in and taking on additional tasks.

Mandy's capstone project: Hidden Mickeys. As an avid Disney goer and Scavenger Hunt enthusiast, I wanted an app that I could take into the park with me and be able to enjoy a new Scavenger Hunt of different Hidden Mickeys located throughout the parks.

Erika Stigleman

Erika Stigleman: Optimus, Proud Mother, New Excited Developer, Giver, and Explorer

Erika is excited about developing logical, innovative, effective tools. She's a fresh ambitious developer, who enjoys learning from others, and tackles obstacles with persistency.

Erika's capstone project Life's Big Calendar uses React Big Calendar to track users daily appointments and reminders.

Corey Hall

Corey Hall: Developer, Veteran, and Self-Proclaimed Foodie.

I am a new developer who loves Front-End development. I enjoy making aesthetically pleasing applications that are user friendly. My goal is to continue learning and to become a more well rounded developer.

Corey's capstone project Humidor was a collaboration between myself and Mike Morris. This application was a brain child of Mike and his affinity for cigars. Together we created a full stack application that could create, read, update, and delete the contents of a digital humidor.

Steven Zambito

Developer, Team Player, and Star Wars Fanatic

Steven is an ambitious developer with a passion for Front-End Development. He graduated from the University of South Florida with a Bachelor of Arts in English. Shortly after, he enrolled in Suncoast Developers Guild in pursuit of a career in Software Development. Because of his background as a writer, he has developed a great attention to detail and analytical thinking. He is an eager to learn, results-driven problem solver, with a knack for critical thinking.

Steven's capstone project, Battle Archives, is a full-stack web application created for fans of the Star Wars franchise to create, read, update, and delete various battles within the universe. Users can create an account to manage their own battles as well as comment on other users' battles. He used React, .NET Core, and PostgreSQL to build the app.

Byron McDaniel

Developer, Driven, Habitual Snacker

Byron is a self-driven developer who is continuously evolving his well-rounded skill set. His experience in the Military and Fire Department developed his attention to detail. As a long-time entrepreneur, Byron is a self-starter. These skills, along with newly minted development skills, will make Byron an asset to any team. His perpetual thirst for knowledge coupled with a resilient work ethic is what makes Byron an ideal prospect for any company.

Byron's capstone project, B Out Bailbonds, was created to solve specific bail bonds industry issues. A lot of clients miss their court date because they forget. My Web app will offer the bondman and their clients a few options. A bondsman can update a client's court dates, and the clients can see it in real-time. A client can create their court date, and as a bonus, a client can check-in via the app, which records the client location.

Eric Poe

Developer, Student, Gamer

Eric is an aspiring full-stack developer that has advanced his education in the past year. Starting as an intern, he has taken great strides to expand his knowledge and hopes to begin his career as a professional developer.

Eric's capstone project, Poe Homeowner Insurance, is a CRUD-based insurance application that will estimate your home's price and return to you a premium based on then home and the quality of the insurance.

Adam Jones

Junior Developer and College Student

Adam is a young adult who is eager to learn and please. He believes it is important to to challenge yourself when possible.

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