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Our Recent Graduates

After their 12-week journey to becoming Full-Stack Developers, our students have grown their technical skills. These students have gone from little to no experience to learning HTML/CSS, JavaScript, React and then diving into a back-end technology stack to round out their full-stack understanding.

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All of our graduates are ready for their first jobs as junior developers. If you think someone would be a great fit for your team, please feel free to reach out to them directly. If you want more information about how our career support program works or direct recommendations for your needs, please contact us at

Nam Pham

Developer, Learner, Gamer

Nam was a Computer Science major at the University of South Florida who wants to create functional programs to be used by a broad audience. The topics at USF were interesting, but it was difficult to apply them to everyday use. SDG was an opportunity for him to learn skills that he would be able to immediately apply in the business world.

Aside from coding, he enjoy playing videogames such as DotA 2, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate/Melee, Genshin Impact, and Apex Legends.

Nam is a Full-Stack developer looking to put his abilities to the test. He enjoys working on challenging problems to improve his skills and is learning new technologies. His communication and open-mindedness makes for a great team player that allows collaboration to be a breeze.

Austin Pierce

Developer, Stock and Currency trader, Businessman

Austin is a new developer who loves Front End development. He cares about keeping the user happy and the client stress-free when it comes to production. Austin believes building a quality product and stakeholder satisfaction is paramount and will do whatever necessary to make sure he exceeds expectations.

His capstone was designed to be used by his fiance and avid collectors. She loves to collect plants, records and crystals and has quite the collection. He decided to create a mobile app to store all of the various items she has in different categories. She will be able to Create, Read, Update and Delete all of the items in the inventory she creates. He wanted to create an app that would get used almost everyday and knew that this would be the perfect project.

Domenick Mitchell

Developer, Travel Enthusiast, Veteran

Domenick is a former Navy IT, who has always had an interest in software development. He likes to create front-end and back-end applications and excels at both. He is a life-long learner that loves to tackle new challenges. He embraces difficult problems and does not stop until he gets the desired result. He left the Navy just before coming to SDG. Coming back to civilian life was a big change and trying to figure out his next chapter was stressful. When he visited the SDG campus he knew it was the right place for him to grow as a developer. I currently possess a Top Secret Sensitive Compartmented Information (TS SCI) clearance, that required me to receive a counterintelligence polygraph.

His capstone, ParkTravels is a way to track and manage the different national parks travelers have visited with the date, who accompanied you, and the pictures that you took during your trip.

Joseph Myers

Developer and Artist

Joe graduated from Ringling College of Art and Design and has worked as an artist for the past 10 years. His interest in technology and passion for design led him to seek new challenges in programming. Joe is a new developer who thrives in the front-end. He is passionate about creating a clean and interesting user-experience and seeks to challenge himself and learn new technologies.

Capstone: TaskTracker is a clean and simple app designed to help organize your active projects. It allows users to break the project down into individual tasks, each with their own entry that includes a name, description, expected duration, starting date and completion status. His capstone can be found at

Shawn Soltesz

Curious, Entreprenuerial and Optimistic

After spending 15 years in various operational and implementation roles within Ed Tech, Shawn felt unsure of his exact career trajectory. Therefore after considering what excited him about his work experiences, all signs pointed to working with the products and the users. Therefore, he decided to take a pause and pursue the skills and knowledge that offered opportunities to be hands on with building and supporting the products created and offered to the end-user.

Shawn is a multifaceted professional who is interested in pursuing a career in QA dev, technology solutions in the front end realm. He’s flexible, curious, analytical, and has a knack for ensuring results are in line with expected outcomes. He possesses experience with agile software development and the tools used to support this approach through the SDLC. celebrates the inclusiveness our city possesses through capturing the various pet oriented, or pet friendly businesses and points of interest within St Petersburg, FL. Not only does it provide an interactive map highlighting the location of these featured places, but it also provides descriptive information and links to their website for the user to explore further. This capstone project will be released to the public and updated based on the current roadmap and user feedback.

Drew Wilson

Developer and nature-lover

Drew is a developer that enjoys all things full-stack. He loves learning about technology and creating new products. Drew believes in hard work and honesty.

The "Bakeries and Coffee Shops Database" is a mobile-based program he made with his fiancé's love for each in mind. It lets users enter the details of any bakeries or coffee shops including images. It has the functionality of getting directions to each store as well.

Erika Stigleman

Erika Stigleman: Optimus, Proud Mother, New Excited Developer, Giver, and Explorer

Erika is excited about developing logical, innovative, and effective tools. She's a fresh ambitious developer, who enjoys learning from others, and tackles obstacles with persistency.

Erika's capstone project Life's Big Calendar uses React Big Calendar to track users daily appointments and reminders.

Brendan Einhorn

Mary Toth

Mary Toth: Developer, Musician, Vegetable Lover, and Nature Fanatic

Before coming to SDG, Mary was feeling very lost and stagnant in her career. She attended USF for psychology, worked in the field for a couple of years, and ended up at a secretarial job which was not mentally stimulating enough for her liking. She was really craving a change as well as a career in which she got to learn new things and feel inspired.

Mary has a passion for front-end development and is eager to join a team where she can improve upon her skills and be challenged. She really values learning from others and the opportunity to ask questions. Mary has an artistic eye and has thoroughly enjoyed designing aesthetically pleasing apps that are easy to use.

As a lover of fresh, local produce, I wanted to create the app Farm Finder that would help people support local farms in their area. Users can view a list of farms, filter by city and type of farm, and add farms to the database.

Bianca Brown

Bianca is a developer from downtown St. Petersburg. She is enthusiastic, easily inspired, and passionate about doing things that matter: creating web applications that make people's lives easier.

Bianca's capstone, Lego Log, is an app for that helps you keep track of all the Lego sets you have built, and all the Lego sets you want to build next. You can add to the “Build List” and “Wish List” by entering the Lego name, theme, piece count, price, photo, etc. You can also add comments and a rating to the sets you have built to help you remember what you liked or disliked about that particular Lego set.

M Carla Joseph

Developer, learner and explorer

Carla is an upcoming full-stack web developer with leadership experience. She is looking to express her creativity through web development with her Javascript, React, HTML, CSS, and C# skills. Her previous managerial positions equipped her with excellent communication and organization skills.

Carla's capstone project, Varsity Stats, is an app to track high school basketball players' statistics. Users will be able to see the top five players in points, rebounds, steals, and assists on the homepage. The top 20 leading players are displayed when a category is selected. Coaches can create an account which they will use to login and add or delete their players. This app uses ReactJS, CSS, HTML on the frontend and C#, SQL, and API on the backend.

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