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Cohort 16 Graduates

January, 31st 2020

After their 12-week journey to becoming Full-Stack Developers, our students have grown their technical skills. These students have gone from little to no experience to learning HTML/CSS, JavaScript, React and then diving into a back-end technology stack to round out their full-stack understanding. We are proud to present to you our graduating students from Cohort 16.

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Our Graduates

Nathanael Swander

Curious Intellect and Free Thinker

Nathan is well rounded and always searching for knowledge. He gravitates towards challenges and enjoys working together to learn with others. His passion is easily apparent. Nathan wants to bridge the gap between technological advancements and the user.

Georg Oehl

Programmer, Strobist, and Kite-flyer

Georg is a seasoned software developer who is passionate about creating usable, useful, and functional computer applications that help people solve problems more efficiently.

Amgad Behman

Full-Stack Developer

Amgad is a developer that moved from Egypt that is determined to become the best version of himself. Amgad believes that tackling everyday challenges are what adds value to a person's knowledge.

Reid Hanson

Developer, Avid Runner, and Immersive Learner

Reid has a psychology degree from the University of Buffalo, spent a year in Madrid, Spain, where he learned to speak Spanish fluently and taught English as a foreign language to adults and teens. He is looking forward to putting his new development skills into action while continuing to learn.

Curt Grogan

Full-Stack Developer, Tech Enthusiast, and Eternal Student

Curt is a born again software developer from Missouri. Having a passion for learning, logic, and intellectual challenges Curt is rejoining the fold and endeavoring on familiar but new journey.

Celeste Sippel

Developer, Business Owner and Life Long Learner

Celeste is a Tampa-based web developer and former firefighter with a passion for building apps that increase efficiency and profitability for businesses and public safety organizations. Celeste thrives on challenging projects that require both collaborations with teammates and working independently. She is quick to find the humor in life’s ups and downs, and provide comic relief as necessary.

Jeffrey Sojack

Technophile and Coding Enthusiast

Jeffrey is an Army Veteran who enjoys coding and problem solving.

Charlie Bissell

Developer, Brother, and Florida Man

Charlie is a developer who is easy going, but also straight-forward. It is important to him to set goals and work hard towards them while still having fun along the way. Charlie wants to make the world a better place by making meaningful connections and building easy to use products.

Justin Swiger

Web Developer, Coffee Lover, and Dog Person

Justin is a developer living in the Tampa Bay area. He enjoys identifying real-world problems and using new technologies to solve them. His passion for efficiency and commitments to clean coding, clear communication, and scalable solutions ensures that he will always be prepared to tackle any challenge.

Nolan Jacobson

Developer, Engineer, and Blockchainer

Nolan is an ambitious developer with an aptitude for solving problems. Once given a problem, he is determined to find an answer. He is intellectually inquisitive and thrives on overcoming challenges.

Nikki Kerns

Developer, Scholar, and Creative Problem-Solver

Nikki is a dynamic and ambitious professional with a proven record of generating and building relationships, managing projects from concept to completion, designing business strategies, and coaching individuals to success. Skilled in building cross-functional teams, demonstrating exceptional communication skills and making critical decisions during challenges. Adaptable and transformational leader with an ability to work independently or as a team player, creating effective processes and approaches whilst developing opportunities that further establish organizational goals.

Nathan Abresch

Developer, Musician, and Art Fanatic

Nathan is a German born developer who strives to create accessible, user friendly products that adequately surpass expectation. Nathan is both an efficient team worker and a resourceful solo developer.

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