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Cohort 17 Graduates

May, 4th 2020

After their 12-week journey to becoming Full-Stack Developers, our students have grown their technical skills. These students have gone from little to no experience to learning HTML/CSS, JavaScript, React and then diving into a back-end technology stack to round out their full-stack understanding. We are proud to present to you our graduating students from Cohort 17.

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Our Graduates

Robert Kilduff

Aspiring Junior Developer

Rob is an aspiring junior developer, who strives to create versatile and user friendly apps. He believes in the adage of learning something new everyday.

Michael Keough


Mike moved to St. Pete 2 years ago from Delaware. He has a bachelor's degree in Business Management from Wilmington University. He looking to take his knowledge of full-stack web development and build on it in a Junior Developer position. He has a strong background in customer service and works great within a team. he has succeeded in leading teams to achieve goals in previous leadership roles and thrives in fast-paced environments.

Chesireé Balogh

Inspiring Web Developer, Creative Artist, and Lifelong Learner

Chez is an artistic individual with a passion to create fun and impactful web applications. Chez believes learning never ends and embraces challenges with a open mind. She loves working in a dynamic work environment and building a strong team.

Corinne Carew

Developer, Learner, and Adventurer

Corinne was a 6th-grade science teacher with a hunger for learning. As a teacher, she became inspired by her involvement in the "girls who code" club where she helped introduce basic coding skills. After helping instruct the coding for girls club she realized the world of coding was vast and she was ready to learn! Corinne is very flexible and is ready to take on any task you throw at her. She prides herself on being a lifelong learner and is confident that web development is the right path for her to be able to continuously be learning in this ever-changing world of coding.

Daniel Demerin

Developer and Designer

As a former animator/designer turned developer, Daniel brings his reinvigorated sense of purpose to tackle the coding world with a passion for learning, an artistic eye, and a deep curiosity for full-stack web development.

Marcus De La Garza

Drone Pilot, Hobbyist 3D Printer, and Full-Stack Web Developer

Marcus is a commercial drone pilot with a passion for technology. His experience on the hardware side of building drones sparked an interest in coding, which led him to Suncoast Developers Guild where he learned the principles of full-stack web development. As a junior developer, Marcus is excited to put his skills to use as well as expand his knowledge base!

Michelle Hendrix

Cat and Code Wrangler

Michelle is grateful to be at the beginning of her journey in software development. As a former teacher and yoga instructor, she believes a growth mindset and a sense of discipline lead to creative outcomes. Michelle tries not to take herself too seriously and she drinks her whiskey neat.

Bianca Brown

Developer, Creative, and Quietly Confident

Bianca is a developer from downtown St. Petersburg. She is enthusiastic, easily inspired, and passionate about doing things that matter: creating web applications that make people's lives easier.

Stefan Bettaglio

Nimble-Witted, Curious Learner

Stefan is a developer from San Salvador, El Salvador. He is capable of thinking critically and tackling problems head-on. His innate interest in problem-solving has led him to Suncoast Developers Guild to pursue Full-Stack Web Development.

Alexa Lewis

Developer, Animal Lover, and Explorer

Alexa is a developer born and raised in Florida. She cares about making the user experience enjoyable and seamless. She wants the user to want to come back over and over! She believes in always being challenged but spending your time doing the things she loves.

Justin Sorensen

Junior Developer, VOIP Engineer, Gamer, and Technophile

Justin Sorensen is a proud nerd who loves D&D and tabletop games. He has a passion for technology and is a lifelong learner. He left a career as a VOIP Engineer to pursue a career in development. To that end, he attended Suncoast Devs Guild Cohort XVII (2/10/2020 - 5/1/2020).

Kamari Ross

Developer, Photographer, and Obstacle-Course Racer

Kamari is an exploratory learner who is still growing his skillset in front-end and back-end technologies. He enjoys the process that comes with solving problems, executing interface design, and learning how to enhance the user experience. Although he looks forward to the challenges that learning new technologies can bring, he is still mindful that not all problems can be solved alone.

Matthew Dick

Leader, Innovator, and Developer

Matt is a leader and an innovator. He loves to think of new ideas and ways to do things. He likes to challenge other people to think outside the box and say "can we do this" or "is this possible".

Austin Parvin

Web Developer, Engineer, and Problem Solver

Austin is well rounded and always striving to become better. He invites challenges and enjoys working together to learn with others. Austin wants to help bring everyone into the modern era of technology.

Evan Gilbert

Developer, Creator, and Discoverer

Evan is an experienced developer that cares about producing a high-quality product. He is well versed in all aspects of software development from design to deployment. Evan believes in seeing each challenge as a learning opportunity to grow as a developer.

Sam Greider

Web Developer, Lifelong Learner, and Avid Hockey Fan

Sam is a curious individual with an affinity for creating user-friendly web applications. He believes that preparation is the key to achieving your goals and delivering exceptional results. Sam enjoys challenging himself and isn't hesitant to start learning new material that he can begin to implement in his craft.

Natalie Pagan

Developer, Art Historian, and Constant Learner

Natalie is a recently graduated software developer. She is passionate about learning new things and enjoys being in an open work environment where questions are welcome. She enjoys new challenges and overcoming them, aware that there is always more to learn.

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