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Cohort 19 Graduates

November, 14th 2020

After their 12-week journey to becoming Full-Stack Developers, our students have grown their technical skills. These students have gone from little to no experience to learning HTML/CSS, JavaScript, React and then diving into a back-end technology stack to round out their full-stack understanding. We are proud to present to you our graduating students from Cohort 19.

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Our Graduates

Byron McDaniel

Developer, Driven, Habitual Snacker

Byron is a self-driven developer who is continuously evolving his well-rounded skill set. His experience in the Military and Fire Department developed his attention to detail. As a long-time entrepreneur, Byron is a self-starter. These skills, along with newly minted development skills, will make Byron an asset to any team. His perpetual thirst for knowledge coupled with a resilient work ethic is what makes Byron an ideal prospect for any company.

Byron's capstone project, B Out Bailbonds, was created to solve specific bail bonds industry issues. A lot of clients miss their court date because they forget. My Web app will offer the bondman and their clients a few options. A bondsman can update a client's court dates, and the clients can see it in real-time. A client can create their court date, and as a bonus, a client can check-in via the app, which records the client location.

Eric Poe

Developer, Student, Gamer

Eric is an aspiring full-stack developer that has advanced his education in the past year. Starting as an intern, he has taken great strides to expand his knowledge and hopes to begin his career as a professional developer.

Eric's capstone project, Poe Homeowner Insurance, is a CRUD-based insurance application that will estimate your home's price and return to you a premium based on then home and the quality of the insurance.

Naima Africa S. Francis

Juggler, Risk-Taker and Friend

Naima Africa is a driven and ambitious person. Though she's a new developer, she will take her outstanding ability to solve problems to the next level quickly. She loves Front-End developing and being a part of a team. She is excited to make real-world contributions and affect change.

Naima Africa's capstone project, Hair by Us, is an app that tracks Black hair salons and stylists in the Tampa Bay area. When Naima first moved to Tampa, she had difficulty finding a place that catered to her natural hair. This experience inspired her to help others in her situation by connecting Black-owned salons and stylists to their community. She used JavaScript, HTML, CSS, React.js, and C# to complete her project.

Isaac Rendon

Developer, Hip Hop Head and Basketball Nerd

Isaac is an enthusiastic learner pursuing a career in front-end development or UX/UI design. His design inspiration comes in many forms, such as architecture, fashion, and sustainability. Isaac's goal is to join a team where he can contribute by combining his teachings from SDG with his passion for design.

Isaac's capstone project was a team project with Michael Rushing. OnRepeat, is a React web application that allows users to connect with their Spotify account. Users can view a gallery of their playlists, view their top listened to artists/tracks, and create new playlists using the Spotify API recommendation based on user listening trends.

Michael Rushing

Developer, Team Player, and Explorer

Michael is a developer that has taken a liking to front-end development. He enjoys problem-solving and maximizing the user experience for the end-user. Michael believes effective communication and support is the key to achieving goals.

Michael's capstone project was a team project with Isaac Rendon. OnRepeat, is a React web application that allows users to connect with their Spotify account. Users can view a gallery of their playlists, view their top listened to artists/tracks, and create new playlists using the Spotify API recommendation based on user listening trends.

Brad Rowley

Developer and Sports Fanatic

Brad is a newly minted developer that loves tech. After experiencing a sports career in college, Brad used that experience to develop and understand the importance of being a team player and doing his part in the work world.

Brad's capstone project, Tampa Bay's Best, is an app that allows users to share their best experiences in the Tampa Bay area. Allowing users to sign up for an account, adding their favorite events (experiences), write reviews, and budget their trip (eventually). You must have an account to share an experience or write a review.

Josh Mann

Full-Stack Developer, Small to Medium Business IT Consultant

Josh is a new full-stack developer with several decades of combined technical experience in IT, IT management, and electronics. Adding web development to his arsenal of skills allows him to solve more problems for clients with more perspective on how the pieces interact. His desire to continually learn keeps him sharp and open-minded to new things.

Josh’s capstone project, InventoryApp, is a proof of concept for an IT inventory system designed to be easily usable from a smartphone or tablet.

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