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Cohort XII Graduates

January, 25th 2019

After their 12-week journey to becoming Full-Stack Developers, our students have grown their technical skills. These students have gone from little to no experience to learning HTML/CSS, JavaScript, React and then diving into a back-end technology stack to round out their full-stack understanding. We are proud to present to you our graduating students from Cohort XII.

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Our Graduates

Chris Terrazas

Developer, Designer, Adventurer

Chris is a well rounded developer that blends a passion for code, photography and design to create full stack web applications. I like solving life problems with code and using my knowledge to make peoples lives better.

Kenny Cannon

Artist, Creative Thinker, Developer

Kenny is a developer who's passions include art, design, as well as cybersecurity. He uses every day as an opportunity to learn something new and become a better person. Kenny believes that with dedication and hard work he can accomplish anything.

Michelle Yenny

Web Developer

Michelle is a creative at heart, a loyal friend and a self confessed organizational freak. She has enjoyed marrying her newly developed technical skills with her artistic abilities and looks forward to bringing new concepts to life.

Toby Norton

Developer, Artist and Collaborator

It is Toby’s mission to always challenge himself as a developer. He strives to write clean code that solves problems for end users and is readable to other developers. Toby is a fan of simplicity in all of its forms, and he makes an effort to learn something new every day.

John Flynn

Always Curious

John Flynn is a former cellular biologist who loves wildlife photography and learning. He cannot wait to get out into a developer job and into the developer community and looks forward to becoming part of a team delivering vital products to end users.

Frank Diaz

Developer, Professional, and Team Player

Frank is a full stack developer versed in multiple programming languages. Having built a strong foundation in the stages of the development cycle, Frank aspires to join an organization that will harbor professional development and growth.

Shea Parrott

Adaptable, Passionate, Determined, Problem Solver

Shea is passionate and hard working individual, driven by his naturally curious nature to grow his knowledge. He finds satisfaction in challenges and/or problems and sees them as an opportunity to engage, learn, grow and help others.

Dylan Attal

Developer, Leader, Learner

Dylan has a relentless work ethic paired with childlike curiosity. He is a skilled communicator who believes in leveraging strengths of diverse teams. Dylan is a natural leader who supports his peers and brings out the best in those around him.

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