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Resumes & Cover Letters - Making the Connection


Key areas of Information:

Contact information

  • Email

  • Phone Number

    • Google numbers are great if you want to protect your personal number
    • Github link
    • Portfolio link


  • This section should be a brief paragraph (three to five sentences) that shows the value you bring by highlighting your skills and a couple big career wins. But rather than labeling it a “summary,” simply use a headline that encapsulates your credentials.


  • You’ll want to incorporate the right keywords so that your resume is optimized for application tracking systems

Professional experience

  • Focus on your accomplishments rather than your day-to-day responsibilities


  • Simply write where you went college and your degree.
  • It’s ok to move this towards the top if you have limited work experience and want to highlight your experience at SDG


  • Volunteering and community service
  • If you have room feel free to add it
Alumni Resume Examples

Cover Letters

inigo montoya

Look for the Narrative

  • Decode a job listing to find the narrative
  • What problem do they solve
  • Make that the context of your cover letter
    • Understand the story
  • Identify with it
    • How you add value

Not There, Find It

  • Search online resources
  • Use the companies webpage, check LinkedIn
  • The more you research a company the better you are prepared to write your cover letter

Proof of Skill + Narrative + Recommendation x 10/week = JOB SUCCESS!