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Decoding Job Descriptions

Why are we here?

  • Build your confidence when looking and applying for jobs by going through actual job postings and understand which you are qualified for and actually want
  • Conclude by taking a dive into what employers want and going through job postings you may be struggling with

Actual jobs = job description?

Variables of a good job description? Variables of a bad description?

Should we take take job descriptions verbatim?

Have you played the Keyword Game?

job description

keyword game

= Keyword Game



What’s the opposite of the Keyword Game?




Do your HW!

  • Find the narrative and does it speak to you?
  • Dig a bit more into their work, code, and team
    • LI, GitHub, FB, Twitter, Meetups, and community
  • Put time into the application process
  • Reciprocal interview

What do employers want?

  • Proof of work
  • Ability to learn and grow
  • Individual and team projects
  • What value do you bring to their story


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