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Your Portfolio, Your North Star

Your brand and the visual representation of your work.

First Impression

Employers look through 5 to 30+ portfolios when hiring

  • Within 5 seconds they can see the type of visual craftsmanship
  • This means:
    • A clear hierarchy of information
    • Site needs to be simple and aesthetically pleasing
    • The typography needs to be appropriate & readable
  • Not a designer? That’s ok!
    • Find a template
    • Own the template
    • Better to use a template than attempt to be a designer and fail

Content of your Work

  • 3 - 5 projects
  • Should be your best work and the best parts of your work
  • Present it like a project/work not an assignment
  • If it doesn’t exist in the real world you can say it was a “concept”
  • Try and have at least one freelance or real world project
  • Your work should be a mix of what you have done and what you want to do æ
  • Don’t present anything you aren’t proud of
    • Own it or don’t show it
  • A quick scan will allow the reader to get a sense of your ability

Display of your Work

  • Show details and big picture
    • Showcase your ability to craft both
  • Can the reader understand the context of your work?
    • Mobile work? Show it on a device
    • Teamwork? Show what you built and own it
    • Proud of the code? Show it
  • Concept
    • It’s better to be good than original
    • Clever is great but can be really hard to pull off

Your Story

  • Be able to tell it BOTH in your work and about yourself
    • Your work tells a story of your journey
  • About/bio section
    • Tell a bit about yourself but keep it brief enough to scan
    • Have a professional/appropriate/character exhibiting photo of yourself

Contact Info

  • How do they reach you at all points on your portfolio?
    • Fixed navigation
    • Phone
    • Email
  • Social Media
    • Twitter
    • LI
    • GitHub
    • Blog?
    • Instagram?
    • Pinterest?
    • Dribble?

Have a North Star

Know what you want to do and craft your portfolio for that.

Portfolios of all kinds


Access the slide presentation

Notes from Friday Conversations:

Minimum Viable Product:

  • Start with the most important information you need such as your name, how to reach you, and project information
  • Work on styling, start mobile first then check how it looks on tablet and desktop
  • Work on basic styling, ex: colors & fonts
  • Once all that is done you can see if you can add hovers, animations and more

How to get your portfolio live: