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Your Health - Self Care for Developers

What is Self Care?

  • Self care is being purposeful in making sure that you are having your needs met, both physically and mentally.
  • To practice self care is to prioritize yourself as much as you would family, friends, and your career. (Or whatever else you consider important.)

Basic Tips

  • Watch what you eat: Fuel your body so it can work effectively
  • Exercise / Take a break: Even a short walk around the block can help
  • Stay hydrated: Drink Something Besides Coffee, Tea, or Soda
  • Get enough sleep: A rested brain thinks better
  • Eye Care
    • Glare-blocking tinted computer glasses
    • Look away every so often to focus on something else
    • Flux automatically adjusts your screen to mirror the outdoors, so that you don’t disrupt your sleep schedule
  • Hand Care
  • Body Care
    • Standing desks: if your office allows it, standing desks are good for you!
    • Regular stretching or walk breaks
    • Chair Yoga
  • Mind Care
    • Short breaks between spurts of productivity can provide essential mental rest for overworked minds
    • Pomodoro method (a system that breaks up 20 minute intervals with short periods of rest) with regular reminders
  • Take a Day Off
    • Between work, online tutorials, and side projects, it's easy to let programming consume large chunks of your 'off time', including weekends and holidays.
  • Just for Fun
    • Customize your terminal.
    • Colorful keyboards!
    • Get an office plant
  • Additional Resources