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A Whole New World

Today you learned a new language and will be starting to explore it more in depth in the coming weeks. Like any good craftsman, the first thing you need is to learn your tools. Tonight, you will be setting up your developer environment, creating a simple console application, and starting your final project.


  • Set up your dev machines
  • Create a simple console application to ensure your machine is set up correctly
  • Write a blog article to practice talking about technology


.NET Students

  • Install the .NET Core SDK.

  • Install the C# plugin in VS Code.

  • To verify everything was installed correctly, run dotnet -v in your terminal.


You should already have Ruby installed.

Explorer Mode

Simple Console Application
  • Create a console application that guesses a number that a user has thought of ,between 1 and 100. This will use a binary search to guess the correct number

  • Here is the JavaScript, in browser, algorithm to follow. Make sure to understand this first before writing new code: NOTE You will be translating this from the event driven paradigm of HTML to the more procedural paradigm of a console application.

  • For Explorer Mode, you do not have to put in menu or other user experience "nice to haves", focus on the just the core algorithm.

  • Finish working on your wireframes and ironing out your idea. Work with your instructors and peers to work out the kinks.

Adventure Mode

  • Add a nice user experience to the console app. Include features such as Try again and Welcome, press enter to start

Epic Mode

  • Eventually we will be using a MVC application structure. To prepare for this, refactor your code to have all your business logic in separate class and all your console interaction in the main class.

Additional Resources