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Jurassic Park: The Lost World

In the last assignment, you created a console app that stores items in a list, which doesn't last very long. For this assignment, you need to update your old app to use a database as well as update it with a few new features.

NOTE: The Additional Resources section below is very helpful. Consider reading this after reading Explorer mode. Then make a plan for the assignment for digging in and writing code.


  • Use an ORM to query against a database
  • Extend your simple console app to use a database to persist data
  • keep working through your capstone


  • Create a simple console application that manages the dinosaurs in your amusement park
  • Update your app with some new functionality
  • Persist your dinosaurs in a database

Explorer Mode

  • Replace your List<Dinosaur> with a database. These notes should be helpful
  • add the following 3 options to your app
    • "release"
      • this command removes the closure number (setting it to a blank/default value)
    • "hatch"
      • This command randomly creates a new Dinosaur. The only random values are name, weight and Diettype type
    • "needs a sheep"
      • this command displays the lightest dinosaur that is also a carnivore
  • Wireframes should be approved today
  • HTML, CSS, and JS are your main coding challenges.
  • Start thinking and mapping out your ERD for your database

Adventure Mode

  • Add a column called IsHungry (bool). This property requires a migrations
  • Add the following commands
    • 'who's hungry'
      • this command displays all the dinosaurs that have IsHungry set to false
    • 'feed sheep'
    • this command sets a specific dinosaur's IsHungry to true, but only if they are a carnivore
    • 'feed salad'
    • this command sets a specific dinosaur's IsHungry to true, but only if they are a herbivore
  • Add a second table called 'ParkSections'. Update your app to allow 1 ParkSection to have many dinosaurs.

Epic Mode

Additional Resources