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Foreign Keys - The SQL

As we continue to explore databases and ideas, this project will help you practice model databases and relationships, as well as help you get started on your capstone project.

First, you will expand your CompanyDatabase to have Departments, Products and Orders. You will be crafting queries for these new tables.

After that, this weekend is the next big push your final project, work on the HTML and CSS; As well as the database schema.


  • Work with Foreign Keys
  • Craft Queries
  • Further your final project


  • Add a few tables and foreign keys to an existing database
  • Create the Schema for your final project
  • Work on the HTML & CSS for your final project

Explorer Mode

  • In your Company Database, add a table named Departments. Give this table a few columns:
    • Id as a primary key
    • DepartmentName as text
    • Building as text
  • Add a Foreign key DepartmentId to your Employee Table
  • Add tables named Products and Orders.
    • Orders should have the columns
      • OrderNumber as string
      • Id as a primary key
      • DatePlaced as datetime
      • Email as string
    • Product should have the columns
      • Id as a primary key
      • Price as double
      • Name as string
      • Description as string
      • NumberInStock as int
  • In our company, 1 Order can have many Products and 1 Product can have many Orders. This will be a Many-to-Many relationship. Create the 3 tables (Orders, Products and ProductOrders) and foreign keys needed for this to happen
  • Create queries that can do the following:
    • Given a department id, give me all employees in the department
    • Given a department name, give me the phone extensions
    • Find all orders that contain the product id of 2
    • Given an order id, display on the OrderNumber, and all the product names
    • Inserts a new product
    • Inserts a new order
    • Adds a product to an order
    • Adds a new employee to a department
    • Updating a employee's department
    • Removing a product from an order
  • Turn in the above queries as a gist

Adventure Mode

  • Work on your final project. Do not sleep on this.
  • Start drafting of your database schema for your final project.
  • Give these SQL Koans a try.

Epic Mode

  • Investigate working with C#/Ruby and Postgres

Additional Resources

Recommended Practice:

  • For more practice, Hackerrank has a SQL Track