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Every application uses data in some way. This will help you set up your development environment as well as get used to querying databases.


  • Install Postgres
  • Create a database for Employees
  • Write some queries to use the database


For Mac:

Use homebrew to install Postgres

brew install postgres


Explorer Mode

  • Install Postgres

  • Create a database called CompanyDatabase

  • Create a table Called Employees

  • Add the following columns to the table, Use your best judgement for data types

    • Id (Primary Key)
    • FullName
    • Salary
    • Position
    • PhoneExtension
    • IsPartTime
  • Create queries that can do the following:

    • Select all columns for all employees
    • Select only the FullName and Phone Extension for Only Full Time employees
    • Insert a new Part time employee, as a software developer, part time, with a salary of 450
    • Update all Employees that are the Cooks to have a salary of 500
    • Delete all Employees that have the full name of "Lazy Lynn"
    • Update all Employees to be full time
    • Add a column to the table called ParkingSpotNumber as a string that up to 10 characters long
  • Turn in the above queries as a gist

Adventure Mode

  • Work on the C# Koans
  • Work on your final project

Epic Mode

  • Investigate working with C# and Postgres

Additional Resources