Note: This document is a work in progress. You can help improve it.

Welcome to Auth0

We have been chatting about the idea of authentication and authorization. This is a deep and complex topic, and you, being a good developer, should want to stand on the shoulders of giants to tackle this seemingly simple, yet complex problem.


  • Integrate Auth0 with your favorite frontend framework


  • Create an Auth0 account.
  • follow along with a tutorial to create a simple front end application.

Explorer Mode

  • Using either React, create a new front-end application that uses Auth0 as the user provider. No back-end is needed for this.
  • Display the name, or email, and the user Id to the user after they log in.
  • Here is the sample implementation
  • Read th React QuickStart
  • The implementations in the different frameworks are about 90% the same.
  • Be sure to include the router libraries for the project you create. I would suggest starting here and creating threes pages/components: home, callback, and dashboard

Adventure Mode

  • Add User Authenication to StackOverflow

Epic Mode

  • Work on your capstone