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Complete the Circle

For this assignment, you will be re-creating an API that was used during unit-ii and re-create it using the language of your choice.

This will be due Sunday at midnight.


  • work in groups on an API
  • create an API that has the basic CRUD actions
  • connect up a react app to an API


For this project, you will self-organize into groups, and select an API to re-create. After you create the API you will take an old react app and use the new API instead of the old API.

Explorer Mode

In groups of 2 or 3, choose 1 of the following:

  • Build the one-list api using the language of your focus. This should be a direct replica of If you are a .NET student, use the built in swagger for documentation building and no not worry about recreating the style, just the functionality
    • Take the react app we built in class, and point that to this new API and get that working.
    • Be sure to the utilize all Create, Read, Update, Delete endpoints.

~ OR ~

  • Go back to your API explorer homework and choose an API that was used. You need to re-create this API. Be sure to the double with your instructor on which one you selected.
    • If your API has only reading of data, built out the creating, updating and deleting of that data as well.
    • Hook up and extend your react app to use all the endpoints that you created.

Adventure Mode

This is the last weekend to really focus on homeworks and reviewing concepts. Use that to your advantage.

  • Go back to a old homework, from any unit and do the adventure or epic mode for that assignment. Re-Submit the repository of the project you worked on here, along with what you worked on.

Epic Mode

  • Further your capstone, but only after you have completed Adventure Mode

Additional Resources