Note: This document is a work in progress. You can help improve it.

Winter break

For this break, we not only want you to enjoy the season but also stay engaged with your journey.


  • Review a past lecture that you may not have fully grokked
  • Work on the capstone


  • Create a summary of a past lecture to help further understanding of a topic
  • Have a good first push at your capstone project

Explorer Mode

  • Pick a lecture to go back and create details notes about the lectures. They should be more detailed than a high-level summary but do not need to be a dictation of the lecture. These notes should be focused on the core concepts of the lecture. Tell your instructor which video before you leave on Thursday.

These are the notes that were created from the Intro to Joins lectures

This is a really good example, yours don't have this detail, but this a good target to hit

  • Work on your for your capstone. Focus on looks, no so much on functionality. While working this, start mapping out what API endpoints and database tables you will need to support your UI. Even go as far as creating the API and Models.

Adventure Mode

Epic Mode

  • Enjoy the holiday break and get some needed R&R.