Note: This document is a work in progress. You can help improve it.

Capstone Projects Rundown

The goal of the capstone project is to show off what skills the students learned during their tenure at SDG. The core idea should be a bigger than a weekend project, but the initial scope should be limited.

These dates are rough and approximate and can be fluid.

  1. Elevator pitch,

    • assigned: end of week 6
    • due: end of week 7
    • NOTE: should be done together as a group
  2. WireFrames

    • assigned: middle of week 7
    • due: Beginning of week 8
    • assignment
  3. HTML, front end framework choice

    • assigned: middle of week 8
    • due middle of week 9
    • assignment

4a. API Definition - assigned: middle of week 9 - due: end of week 9 - NOTE: This is concurrent with designing the database. The students should already have an idea since they should know what all needs to be dynamic form having the HTML (mostly) completed 4b. Data Model to support API - assigned: end of week 9 - due: start of week 10 - NOTE: This should be talked about and assigned about when databases are discussed, so that data modeling is fresh in their heads. - assignment

  1. Start building Dynamic Front End

    • assigned: beginning of week 10
    • due: middle of week 11
    • NOTE: This is the final assignment, but by this time the students should be in full project mode.
    • assignment
  2. Build API

    • assigned: beginning of week 11
    • due: beginning of week 12
  3. Deploy

    • assigned: middle of week 11