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Crypto Ticker

In this project you'll use React and a 3rd-party API as a data to create a real-time price tracker for some popular cryptocurrencies.


  • Use state in React
  • Render data from an API request in React
  • Use setInterval to repeat
  • Use React the following lifecycle methods: componentDidMount, componentWillUnmount
  • Use React Component subclasses
  • Use stateless-functional components in React


Use the following API endpoint to fetch data and display it in your application:


The data should refresh periodically. Using the id field in the API results for each currency, you can get the URL for the logo of a coin like this:


Explorer Mode

  • Create a new react app
  • Fetch new currency data from the API endpoint every 10 seconds.
  • Update the applications state with currency data from the API.
  • Create an HTML table to display the currency data in the application state.
  • Use props to render table rows as child components for each currency in the application state.
  • Use stateless-functional components where appropriate.

Adventure Mode

  • If the updated price of a currency is higher than the last update, show the price in green. If it's lower, show the price in red. HINT: You'll probably want to look into additional lifecycle methods for your React components to accomplish this.

Epic Mode

  • How else could we present the changing price to the user? Look into Edward Tufte's sparklines, how do you think this could be implemented as a React component? Try using a third party library to render a sparkline for each currency.

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