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  • how to send data to an API

  • Is it better to make a separate jsx for each props file for title, release date, overview, poster_path etc. so it can be easier to work with page layout and styling?

X Where do I write a sort function in React if I want to sort the data by date?

  • What is the best way to handle attribution? Comments? 3. Attribution You shall use the TMDb logo to identify your use of the TMDb APIs. You shall place the following notice prominently on yourapplication: "This product uses the TMDb API but is not endorsed or certified by TMDb."

  • General review on styling changes within React please, also component

  • What is the best way to use functions or data between components. Such as we have a component a and b, that need to use a function and data in the App component.

  • Can you please explain the parent-child relationship in more detail for React (hooks,states,props)


  • How do you create a search bar that filters results?

  • What situations would we use "useEffect" besides using it for API data

  • How to use a search bar to filter results? (adventure mode last night for movies project)

  • What's the best way and where to store small snippets of data in React? E.g. I tried using 'let totalResults =', but for some reason could not reliably read the value from totalResults elsewhere in the 'return' section, so I ended up turning totalResults into a hook.

  • Why is my Movies page no longer updating "sort-by" or "sort-order" after I enter a text search? And what is a good approach to debugging this (and in general) React application(s), since installing the React add-on for the browser (Components tab in inspector) does not seem to help. In 1989 Movie app, why wouldn't the JSON results array sort using setMovieData(, b) => a.release_date - b.release_date))?

  • can we revisit how to solve the issue of functions being read-only. I seem to get this error a lot and struggle with how to resolve quickly.

  • Where did the http links come from? They were provided in the assignment but I was unable to see how you got them from the website.

  • how to target classes and divs in css when it comes to react

  • How do you read the information on a stack overflow problem? Do you have a methodology?


  • What is the syntax for writing a conditional statement into the return on App.js would the if go in between {} and return a value?
  • For the generate button on the color picker homework, could you reference the hooks for page load or do you need to create new hooks in a function and call the function on button click?
  • Are we going to go in depth with source control/github?
    1. Write a function rovarspraket() that will translate a text into a “rövarspråket”. That is, double every consonant and place an occurrence of “o” in between. For example, rovarspraket(“this is fun”) should return the string “tothohisos isos fofunon”.(I can’t process this question)
  • Can you combine vanilla js with react? I feel like sometimes doing something vanilla js way makes more sense than react. Granted, that could be because I understand it better than React now.
  • Transparency/opacity effects
  • What's the best way to create image tiles, if one wants to maintain a uniform (and pixel-fixed) size gutter between all image tiles as well as between the page margins and the images, since when mixing absolute pixel values (for the gutter) with percentages (for the image widths) there seems to be no accurate way of using up all available (browser-width) space?
  • Adventure mode color picker: Add a section that displays a css class that applies the current background color to an element, just like

x C:/Users/14022/SDG/week4/movieapicall/node_modules/process/browser.js There are multiple modules with names that only differ in casing. This can lead to unexpected behavior when compiling on a filesystem with other case-semantic. x Best way to sort results through react? Filter? X why will your app still run if you leave your files as .jsx vs .js. Is there potential long term issues with doing so? X When researching I notice that a lot a people use the $ get / display the data from an API. I believe that is jQuery. Is there a best practice when it comes to using jQuery? X Could you review useEffect, and it's relation to the API call in react X Aside from import, how/where is axios best used/defined?