Choose your own API

In this assignment, you'll build a front end for an API of your choice



  • Reinforce component architecture in React
  • Reinforce reading of API documentation (some is great, and some is terrible)
  • Creating and designing your own features for a web app


We're going to build a front end for an API of your choice. Choose one from this list

NOTE You'll need to choose one with Auth being No or apiKey since we haven't covered OAuth authentication yet.

NOTE You'll also need to check to see if the API will work from your browser. You can do a quick check by making a small create-react-app, doing an axios.get or fetch of one API URL and see if you get browser errors.

Explorer Mode

  • Read your API docs
  • Use Postman to make some API requests to be familiar with the API and the data it returns
  • Create a list of the features you are going to create and how they will work
  • Design your User Interface
  • create-react-app
  • Design your HTML statically in App.js
  • Make it dynamic
  • Use components when needed
  • Deploy it and share it with friends