Spit and Polish

Your GitHub repository will be part of your portfolio and you will likely link to it from your portfolio.

Creating a clean looking README is as important for a project as having nice clean code.

Here are some examples of great READMEs:

Here are some example of great student READMEs:


  • Create quality readmes

Explorer Mode

  • Choose several (at least three) repositories to update the READMEs
  • Include a description, in your own words, of what the assignment was
  • Include a list of technologies (and links to the homepage for each) you used
  • Include a link to the project in production (surge, etc.)
  • Include a screenshot or an animated gif (see https://github.com/wulkano/kap or http://recordit.co/ or https://www.cockos.com/licecap/)
  • Optional:

    • Include an aspect you are particularly proud of
    • Include a snippet of code you are proud of (see GitHub Markdown on how to format code snippets)