Note: This document is a work in progress. You can help improve it.

Let's go to the Vue-vies

Using a few different APIs, you will be creating a few sample projects to continue working with Vue.js


  • Practice working with an API
  • Practice working with data that was structure by a third party


  • Use this API.
    • You will have to create an account to get a key, Feel free to use the address and phone number of campus to sign up with.
  • Create a simple UI that allows for Users to search for a movie.
  • You will be using this endpoint

Explorer Mode

  • Create a page that has a textbox that allows the user to type in a search term.
  • Using the endpoint above, pass the endpoint what the user typed in and display the results,
  • Style your page to make your website look like a modern site.
  • Add a Section to your page that shows the user the trending movies. Use this endpoint.

Adventure Mode

  • Allow the user to save movies to local storage to look at later
  • Allow the user to search both TV shows and Movies
  • Using Vue-Router, set up the site to handle so a use can see more data about a movie or tv show
  • Explore the API and use any endpoints you find interesting