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Logic & Problem Solving

The general theme of these assignments is logic and problem solving.


For this assignment, you will creating a simple interactive score board for your favorite sport.


You will create a little game of Rock, Paper, Scissors.

All Cards on Deck!

In this project, you will use JavaScript to model a deck of playing cards. You'll also add functionality to it such as shuffling and dealing.


In this project, you will create a playable game of Blackjack.

Catch your Breath

Your first blog assignment.

Function Junction

Gain a deeper understanding of functions and other basic JavaScript constructs.

JavaScript Iteration

Gain a deeper understanding of JavaScript iteration.

Cloudy with a chance of Syntax Error

An introduction to APIs and Ajax: using a popular weather API, create a website that allows a user to get the weather in a location they search for.

OOP! It's Raining!

Building off the previous assignment, you will refactor your weather assignment to use object-oriented design.

Designing Tic-tac-toe