Note: This document is a work in progress. You can help improve it.

Catch your Breath

We have been going at a fast pace for the past couple of weeks. Every so often, you need to reflect on how far you have come.

In this assignment, we are going to take a little code break and create a blog post. Writing is a good way to reflect on what you have done and also share some knowledge. The best way to get better at talking about technology is practice. Blog posts are a way to practice that skill.


  • Practice talking about technology
  • Reinforce a topic we have covered in class


Explorer Mode

  • On Medium, create a blog post that talks about a concept we have went over in class. This could anything topic from HTML, CSS or JavaScript, or a "lesson learned" from the past couple of weeks. As a challenge, consider picking a topic you think you are weak on. Remember, you are creating developer-focused blog post.
  • Submit the link to your published blog post when turning in this assignment.

Adventure Mode

  • continue to work on blackjack
  • As we progress, we will be using different tools to work our brain. Today, head over to HackerRank. This is another tool, like Codewars to practice our developer skills. As a start, head into the algorithms section, and try Grading Students.
  • To turn this in, create a gist of your code and submit link to it.

Epic Mode

  • Go back and finish up any outstanding work.
  • Go back to a previous assignment and work on it some more. This could trying to tackle a harder level, working on the UI/UX, refactoring the code to a new idea that we covered (e.g. functions and abstractions), or adding unit tests.
  • To turn this in, link to the other project's repository, and describe what you did.