Note: This document is a work in progress. You can help improve it.


Create a simple Rock-Paper-Scissors game.


  • Work with JavaScript and the DOM
  • Practice conditional logic


Do not worry about CSS for explorer mode, only do as HTML to show the functionality.


See the wikipedia page about Rock, Paper, Scissors

How to get started

  • Get familiar with rock, paper, scissors if you haven't played before (or in a while)
  • Draw out on paper/whiteboard/computer the rough design of your application
    • See Explorer Mode for the UI requirements
  • Start by placing all the HTML elements on the page
  • Style the user interface
  • Write out in English, ALL the steps the application needs to take
    • For example "When user one clicks on Rock, remember that user one chooses Rock"
  • Start adding JavaScript to make your program to do the steps you described above

Explorer Mode

  • As a user I should be able to see three buttons for each player.
  • As a user, I should be able to pick an option for each player.
  • As a user, after each player makes their selection, I should be told who won and the game should be over.

Adventure Mode

  • Create a vs computer mode, that picks a selection.
  • Modify your vs computer mode to follow a specific strategy (your choice)
  • Make your computer AI unbeatable
  • Give the user a choice to player against the various computer levels or another player
  • Have fun with the CSS by adding colors, animations and effects to make the game more enjoyable

Epic Mode

  • Your game is currently only 1 vs 1, add the ability to add more computer or users players to the game