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The Final Countdown

This assignment will pull together all the skills and ideas that you have learned for the past three weeks. This project is a bit bigger than usual and will challenge you on the core concepts we have learned over unit-i. For this assignment, you will solve three code katas, and recreate a simple website that uses an API for the data. This is the website you will make. This website should be responsive and as close as you can make it.

Since this is a more significant assignment, the pacing is critical.




  • a gist containing the solutions to all three katas
  • GitHub repository containing the HTML, JS, and CSS the website
  • a URL to the deployed site.

Explorer Mode


  • Take this in small steps. I would do this in the following order: Katas, HTML, CSS, Picture of the day, and then Upcoming Launches.
  • Commit early and commit often.
  • Use Font-awesome for the icons. Attach this script to the bottom of your page, and you will be able to use the CSS to create the icons