Note: This document is a work in progress. You can help improve it.

JavaScript Iteration


After completing this assignment, you should be able to:

  • Demonstrate understanding of iteration/enumeration


  1. Fork this repository to your own account.
  2. Change into your projects directory:
  3. Clone your repository: hub clone js-iteration
  4. Change into your project's directory: `cd js-iteration``
  5. Install the dependencies: yarn install (or just yarn for short)
  6. Open in your editor]
  7. Start the test runner: yarn test
  8. Open src/functions.test.js and work on functions until tests pass.
  9. Commit and push your work to GitHub.
  10. Turn in the URL to your GitHub repo.

Explorer Mode

  • All tests passing
  • No linter warnings
  • Turn in the homework using the URL to your repository on GitHub.

Additional Resources

Reference the documentation on DevDocs to find what kind of helpful functions might already be in JavaScript.