Note: This document is a work in progress. You can help improve it.

Score Board, Part 2

For this assignment, you will extending and giving your scoreboard additional features.


  • use last's nights project, add a max score, a min score, and a winner.

Explorer Mode

  • Add a if statement to stop each team's score from going below 0.
  • Add an if statement to stop each team's score from going above 21
  • When a team gets 21 points, disable the buttons and display an message to the user of who won
  • Add a reset button that resets the scoreboard back to the each team having 0 points and re-enables the buttons

Adventure Mode

  • Add more CSS to the winning teams score to indicate who won.
  • Implement a Quarter/Period Tracker that would be appropriate for the sport.
  • Add some styling to make it more presentable. Have fun with it.
  • Make the layout responsive.

Epic Mode

  • Add a Timer that counts down automatically and updates the period/quarter appropriately.
  • Save/load the information to local storage.
  • Add anything else that your sport would have on its scoreboard (e.g. fouls, sacks, shots on goal, etc.).
  • Improve the UX to help to make scorekeeping by your sport easier.

Super Epic mode

  • Start working on creating a 2 player Tic Tac Toe.