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Hello, World.

In your first assignment you will end up with a web page, no matter how simple, published on the web.


  • Get to know your text editor
  • Introduce yourself to working on the command line
  • Publish a web page


  • Have git, hub, and node installed. We should have done this together in class.
  • All of your HTML (and CSS if you do adventure mode) should be formatted cleanly and consistently (use your editor to your advantage).

Explorer Mode

  • If you have experience with existing HTML/CSS frameworks (bootstrap, bulma, etc) you may not use them for these assignments.
  • Follow all of the setup instructions (See "Assignment Setup").
  • Compose a short essay (just a couple paragraphs at most) about a hobby you either enjoy, or would like to learn about. We will be expanding on this page in future assignments, so pick something fun!
  • Put your short essay into an HTML page, using appropriate semantic HTML tags. (See the link HTML Tag Reference below). Give your webpage a simple header and footer as well.
  • Deploy your site.

Adventure Mode

  • Research the id and class HTML attributes.
  • Use valid CSS to style the page (in the neighborhood of a couple dozen CSS declarations).
  • Use at least one image somewhere on the page.

Epic Mode

  • Create a full layout for your page (heading, navigation, sidebar, footer, etc.).
  • Use more complex CSS selectors than we covered in class, e.g. attribute selectors or sibling selectors.

Additional Resources

Reading Material

To prep for tomorrow's lesson, you can read about CSS.