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unit ii: front end development

During this unit, students will learn about the basic of front end development. This includes, but is not limited to, a deep dive HTML, CSS, JavaScript and React

chapter 0: welcome to the web

  • lesson 0: setting up the dev machine
  • lesson 1: what is semantic HTML
  • lesson 2: CSS and HTML
  • lesson 3: using CSS to layout your page
  • lesson 3: mobile-first design
  • lesson 4: design basics

chapter 1: Working with JavaScript

  • lesson 0: Using our knowledge to learn JavaScript
  • lesson 1: JavaScript in the browser
  • lesson 2: Exploring JavaScript the language and in the browser

chapter 2: Front End Frameworks, with React

  • lesson 0: What is React, Components, and props
  • lesson 1: Working with dynamic data in state
  • lesson 2: Interacting with APIs
  • lesson 3: Hooks are better
  • lesson 4: Hooks are really better
  • lesson 5: React Router and multiple pages