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Clever Title

This is a narrative description of the assignment, as prose.


  • A list of learning goals for this assignment
  • I.e., why is this assignment assigned?


The general requirements for the project. Describe the outcome in more detail. If it's a task a student can check off, list it under "Explorer Mode", etc.

Note: This might include prerequisites or setup instructions.

Explorer Mode

  • A list of specific minimum requirements the student must check-off before completing the project.

Adventure Mode

  • If you're feeling adventurous, a more advanced set of objectives.

Epic Mode

  • Any suggestions for taking the assignment all the way home. Often these are far outside any realm of expectation, they serve as challenges for the most daring students.
  • Sometimes these just get students thinking about what is possible.

Additional Resources

  • An (optional) list of resources related to the learning objectives, e.g. documentation, etc.

Recommended Practice:

  • An (optional) list of external practice resources a student might use to exercise these learning objectives further, e.g. Codewars, Flexbox Froggy, etc.

Reading Material

To prepare for upcoming lessons, students might want to read links shared here.