Note: This document is a work in progress. You can help improve it.

Style Guide

This is a work-in-progress style guide for authoring content in this handbook.


  • The use of first-person should be avoided, e.g. "I recommend selecting the third option"
  • All image or other embedded assets should be placed in an assets folder adjacent to the markdown document and linked with relative paths.
  • All links to other pages in the handbook should use relative paths without the .md extension.
  • Every directory with content should contain a that acts as a summary, or table of contents for that section.


  • Avoid use of temporal phrases like: "today, we discussed a new topic", or "in yesterday's assignment".
  • Follow the assignment template.
  • Requirements should be stated in clear, complete sentences, including punctuation:

    Put your short essay into an HTML page, using appropriate semantic HTML tags.

  • Objectives may be stated as sentence fragments, without punctuation:

    Create an event-driven user interface