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Getting into the correct frame of mind

Watch these videos on "The Long Game":

Fixed vs. Growth Mindset

You are about to enter a time of intense mindset growth. Being aware of fixed mindsets and growth mindsets helps prepare you to focus on growth.

Read Fixed vs. Growth: The Two Basic Mindsets That Shape Our Lives

Realize Your Learning Style

Developers are life long learners. The tech field is ever growing and ever-changing. Learning is a precious skill to hone. During the course, this skill is sharpened to help you on the route to success. Understanding how you learn helps put any developer, both new and veteran, on a path to success.

There are many different models of how people learn. One such model is the VARK. VARK breaks down how people tend to learn and teach.

Take the VARK questionnaire to see how you learn best.

Take your time while taking this short quiz. After a few questions, you start to see a pattern of how you prefer to communicate. Use the results not as concrete life-changing facts, but rather as self-reflection to how to help you consume, apply and eventually communicate new information.