Create an account for each of the follow services


GitHub is a web-based hosting and communication service for software development projects that uses the Git revision control system.

  1. Sign up for an account at GitHub.
  2. Make sure to add a profile picture (professional profile picture) and your full name. A professional profile picture (a head shot with your face clearly visible) and your full name will help not only the staff, but also help potential employers put a face to a name.


Slack is a popular tool for commination. We will be using this to communicate with you through out the cohort. During the cohort, You will use slack to receive important announcements, talk to your peers and instructors.

Go here to join the student slack community.

We also recommend downloading the app for your smartphone (if you have one)


Medium is a popular blogging platform. Over the course of the program, I will be asking you to create a few blog posts about a variety of topics. You should create your account now and look around to see what post interest you.

Sign up at: