Prework is material that ensures you have the basic foundation required for the course. Starting learning before the program is like training for a marathon. You don't show up the day of the race and start, you need to train beforehand. In our program, your brain is the muscle that needs to train. This prework is training for your brain.

Start Here

Watch "Your Brain's API"

Fundamentals and Front End Development

Learn some basic HTML and CSS (choose one of the following)

Start off with some HTML and CSS. HTML and CSS are the essentially what everything boils down to. This is what the user will see and interact with the most. This is the best place to get your feet wet.

Intro to JavaScript

JavaScript is an key language to learn in creating web sites. We will be doing a deep dive into the language at the beginning of the program because it is easier for beginners to pick up and allows a solid foundation for learning other languages.

Back end Focus

Next, let us continue our journey with Ruby & .NET. These languages are used on servers to power your websites. During the course you will choose a back end language to study in more detail. Each language will cover the same topics, such basics of servers and working with databases, but through the lens of that language. Try both languages and see which one feels better to you. Ask your instructors if you want to know more differences.

Explore C# ("c-sharp") & .NET

.NET is a powerful framework built by Microsoft. This is an extremely popular, flexible and ubiquitous language.

Explore Ruby & Ruby on Rails

Ruby is dynamic flexible language that excels at creating robust websites quick and easily.

Learn SQL

We will do a pretty deep dive into SQL since all applications rely on data regardless of what technology they use. We live in a data driven world. The more comfortable you become with writing SQL statements the better off you'll be. Make some time for this class: