Note: This document is a work in progress. You can help improve it.

Technical Skills

This curriculum is designed to take you from knowing nothing to being a junior software developer in a short time. While this is true from a software developer skill perspective, coming into the course, it is highly recommended to have some basic computer skills to help make your journey into software a bit less jarring.

Computer Management

Everything a developer does is focused around on editing files. You should be comfortable with managing files from the finder/explorer. You should be comfortable doing:

  • renaming files
  • changing file extensions
  • moving files
  • creating files
  • opening files

Bonus points if you can do these from the terminal.

Web Browsing

This course focuses on becoming a web developer. As such, some basic web knowledge is highly encouraged. We do not expect you to be a Vint Cerf but should be able to :

  • knowing what the address bar is and how to use it.
  • navigate to the website directly from the address bar
  • create an account on a new website
  • feel comfortable figuring out how to use a website
  • Clear your cache


Keyboard skills

Using a keyboard is fundamental to being a productive developer. A good developer can use a computer without ever having to use a mouse. With that high bar in mind, an excellent first step is to get used to using keyboard shortcuts such as:

  • opening a program using the keyboard
  • cut/copy/paste from the keyboard
  • switch programs from the keyboard
  • typing with all ten fingers and without looking

Challenge: Try turning off/unplugging your mouse for a day see what happens and how fast you can adjust to using the keyboard only.



Developers typically like working on the command line. The command is a REPL for running commands against the operation system. Running commands in this manner can lead to a more using of our machines, as well as, eventually, enables developers to write little programs, called scripts, to help automate some tasks. Use a terminal to try to :

  • navigate to your "Documents."
  • create a director
  • create a file
  • open a file
  • run a program