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#Code wars

Code Wars is a great site to practice your problem solving in a variety of languages. This site is focused on creating clever solutions to practice solving problems in a variety of ways and languages. Code wars is a very community orientated and driven.

The site is organized into challenges that have a kyu. This kyu is a community driven estimate to how hard a given challenge is. 8 kyu is the easiest and a great place to start for beginners.

// Coming soon: a path to enlightenment using code wars

Challenges we like:

8Volume of a Cuboid
8Convert a string to an array
8Opposites Attract
8Tip Calculator
8Rock Paper Scissors
8Parse nice int from char
8Remove First and Last Character
8Even or Odd
8Find the smallest Integer
8Sum of Positives
8Grasshopper Summation
8A needle in the haystack
8Count of positives sum of...
8Is n divisible by x and y
8Keep Hydrated!
7Ones and Zeros
7Get the Middle Character
7Vowel Count
7Disemvowel Troll
7You're a square
7Exes and Ohs
7Complementary DNA
7Square every digit
7Shortest Word
7Descending Val
7List filtering