Note: This document is a work in progress. You can help improve it.

Setup for Assignments

This section describes the process for setting up assignments in unit i.

Before you started, make to have your developer env set up and be familiar with commands we like

Open your terminal, then create and change into your project directory:

mkdir -p ~/sdg/unit-1
cd ~/sdg/unit-1

Run the generator to create a boilerplate project, and change into that directory:

app-app --alpha hello-world
cd hello-world

Open the project folder in your editor (remember, . is an alias for the current directory):

code .

Tab back to your Terminal and start the development server:

yarn start

This should automatically happen, but if it doesn't; navigate to http://localhost:3000 in your browser. As you make changes to your code, the development server will automatically refresh this page in real-time.

Note: Remember to check the appearance in your browser often! Fast, continuous feedback of your code will help you create sites more efficiently.

While the development browser is running, it will control your Terminal. To exit it, press Control-C. You can always start it up again with npm start.

Using the file browser in your editor, open the file public/index.html and format your essay with HTML tags and place them into the document (remember all content goes inside the <body> tags). Don't worry about the other files in the directory for now, we'll talk about those later, right now, we're mostly concerned with the two files in public; index.html and screen.css.